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Successful R&D association with Indian Army for Tracking, Identification and Security solutions

Date: April 5, 2014 Posted by No Comments

05 April, 2014
When all of us are busy selecting our nation’s leaders….we at Eco Tracksys Limited are striving hard to protect and defend our county borders along with NORTHERN COMMAND – INDIAN ARMY (Ministry of Defense, Govt of India) through core RFID Technology.
It gives us immense pleasure to announce our successful R&D association with Indian Army for Tracking, Identification and Security solutions.

Eco Tracksys gears up to undertake the largest Tyre Tracking project of India

Date: June 17, 2013 Posted by No Comments

17 June, 2013
Eco Tracksys provides comprehensive system integration and system design. Even as the team explores the avenues to create a foothold in the industry, the industry has been responding quite overwhelmingly. The company is already in talks with a logistics giant for creating a custom-built Tyre Tracking RFID solution. That’s not all. This will be one of the very few RFID projects across the length and breadth of the country which would implemented at such a collosal scale. So fasten your seat belts, sit up and get ready to witness one of the fastest growing RFID solution providers in India getting on a roll.

Eco Tracksys undertakes and completes RFID based Vehicle Identification

Date: June 10, 2013 Posted by No Comments
10 June, 2013
Eco Tracksys is proud to announce India’s first ever RFID integration with Building Management and tracking work for Advant Navis Business Park, Noida. This project will be unique in a number of ways. The project would involved combining RFID tags, RFID readers with other relevant, this RFID vehicle tracking system. The project has recieved fairly successful reviews as it plays an imperative role in efficient parking management via the large datum management.

Eco Tracksys launches it new website

Date: June 1, 2013 Posted by No Comments

1 June, 2013
The Eco Tracksys website is a place where one can find comprehensive information our products viz. Asset Management, Parking Management, Vehicle Tracking, Campus Automation & Library Management. The website has been created with the objective of bringing out our brand promise which is Making Visible via a project section to showcase how Eco Tracksys RFID solutions can make a difference by bringing visibility to critical data and assets. In time the website would become a preferred destination for information related to RFID.